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Limoncello Ristorante Awaits You:

Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine that's got Shirley talking

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Limoncello Ristorante –

Limoncello Ristorante, isn't about just serving meals; is about curating an authentic Italian experience right here in the heart of Shirley.

A family-run haven is steeped in the rich culinary traditions of Italy, with a head chef hailing from the vibrant streets of Bari. His passion for Italian cuisine is the heartbeat of our kitchen, where he and his dedicated team craft each dish with the freshest ingredients and a sprinkle of Southern Italian zest.

Every Bite Tells a Story –

The essence of Italian dining is not just in the eating but in the gathering of friends and family, the clinking of glasses, and the shared laughter over a table of hearty, flavourful dishes. That's why our front-of-house team ensures your time with us is more than a meal – it's an occasion, a moment to unwind, indulge, and create memories.

From the classic comfort of hand-stretched pizzas to the innovative twists on pasta and the succulence of perfectly cooked meats, our menu is a love letter to Italy's diverse culinary landscape. And for the perfect finale, let the zesty cheer of our homemade limoncello cleanse your palate and lift your spirits.

Join us for an escapade into Italian gastronomy.

Your seat at our table is more than an invitation; it's a promise of warmth, flavour, and the joy of good company.

Savour Every Moment - Your Limoncello Table Awaits!

Ready for an Italian feast that feels

like a mini-holiday?

Book your table at Limoncello Ristorante today and let your senses take flight to the Mediterranean.

Buon appetito!


Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 12pm to 9pm

Friday – Saturday 12pm to 9:30pm

Sunday Closed


Phone number: 0121 820 90 46

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